Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Portland, OR weekend

What Lies Beneath the Navel?

On Friday 1/30, Marty presented a public talk at Bikram Yoga - John's Landing in Portland, OR. For 2 hours, over 40 people ate tasty, vegan, live food while listening to Marty speak and answer questions about their guts. This was a lot of fun! Yoga and gyrotonics students, health care practitioners, and other interested people packed the yoga hall.

Many thanks to Christy Whitney and Terri Poch for facilitating such a great event. They are excellent models for connection and attracting folks to them. If you are ever in Portland, please drop by the studio for a class or pick up some excellent live, vegan fare.

See a photo of this event!


Oregon AMTA Annual Meeting

On Saturday and Sunday 1/31 - 2/01, Marty presented on the fascial architecture of the belly, and manual applications to dysmenorrhea and pelvic organ prolapse. This was the first Love Your Guts Seminars event at a state AMTA convention.

See a photo of this event!

We will be doing this again in March 2009 in Lexington, KY, and in July 2009 in Muncie, IN. These convention events are inexpensive and excellent ways to introduce yourself to this work, as well as begin the process of palpatory fluency in the belly.


Teleseminar News

The first LYG teleseminar introducing the Fascia, Fluid, and Energy live training weekend went off beautifully last Monday 1/26. Since then, several folks have come forward to say yes to participating in future teleseminar events.

If there are other topic areas you wish to learn more about, please contact me.

Tentative schedule -
  • Fundamentals of Digestion - a 4-part series with Marty Ryan, LMP and Heidi Nebel, CN. Marty will do the first lecture on the mechanics of digestion. In the remaining 3 lectures, Marty will interview Heidi about how the body digests proteins, fats, and carbs. March 16, 23, 30, and April 13. Register here.
  • Fundamentals of Detoxification - with Kristi Zimmer, CCHT, LMP. Schedule TBA.
  • Core and Floor Series - (at least) 3-part series will explore the core and pelvic floor. Guests already committed are Cathy Madden, MA - Alexander Technique, Karen Calara, PT, and Laura Yon-Brooks, MS - yoga. Schedule TBA.
  • Experts Forum - these are health care providers in ancillary fields related to belly care. Interviews will be conducted by Marty and focus on some aspect of patient care. Schedule TBA.
Guests already committed to the Experts Forum project -
  • Raymond Orthober, MD - when to refer to an MD?
  • Friedemann Schaub, MD PhD - hypnotherapy
  • Paula Pelletier-Butler, LMP - women's health care
  • Annie Morien, PhD PA - stretch marks, scar tissue, dermatology
  • Teresa Dietze, LMP - when to use supplements?
  • Laura Yon-Brooks, MS - yoga


Other News

1. Marty is putting together two 1-day cadaver anatomy slide show presentations for students. These should unveil in the fall 2009. Gil Hedley, PhD has given his blessing to using his cadaver anatomy still images from his Somanautics Workshops. This will be a fabulous way to augment your study of the guts!

2. Marty will present a FREE lecture What Lies Beneath the Navel? in Bellingham, WA on Monday 2/16 @ the Fairhaven Center for Structural Medicine. Please RSVP with Kate Chase Ryan @ Advanced Educators.

Click here for directions.

Click here to register. Space is limited.

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