Monday, February 23, 2009

Anthropology of eating and all things gluten


This blog thing is getting fun ... I just found these two postings via my Google Alerts and about 20 minutes of meandering on the WWW. Monday mornings rock! BTW, I really recommend Google Alerts to keep up with your niche of interest, meet people writing about what you like to do, and find cool info in media sources you probably do not see everyday. I receive my alerts via email on Monday.

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Marty Ryan, LMP


Anthropology of Eating

Why Do People Cook? From comes an interesting article on the anthropology and meta-history of cooking food. Excellent!

Read the article here.


Gluten-free blog from Seattle

Gluten-free Girl is a tremendous, thorough, and well written blog on all things gluten-free. This is my first blog recommendation. Check this one out for sure. Our clients definitely need us to know about this phenomenon.

I have heard many amazing stories of health status changes when people get off wheat and gluten.

Teaching opportunity -
Gluten is a composite of proteins joined with starch in the seeds of wheat, rye, and barley. Celiac Disease is considered an auto-immune disease where the intestinal villi atrophy, flatten, and become inflamed. Symptoms include abdominal pain, cramping, chronic diarrhea, fatigue, nutrient deficiency and malabsorption, and chronic bowel inflammation.
This is a food allergy or sensitivity to any of the wheat proteins, not just the proteins found in gluten. The most common symptoms are related to the skin and digestive system. As with many food allergies, reactions may become more severe with repeated exposure to the allergen.


February / March / April 2009 event schedule

  • Friday 2/27 - Sunday 3/01 - LYG Digestion weekend with Marty Ryan, LMP in San Francisco, CA. There are still spots available for Friday only (2/27), or the full 3-day training (2/27- 3/01). Register here.

  • Wednesday 3/4 - WA AMTA - Seattle Unit meeting - What Lies Beneath the Navel? This event is free and open to the public. A small charge will be collected at the door if you want WA state approved CE units. Register here.

  • Saturday 3/7 - KY AMTA state convention presentation in Lexington, KY - Exploring the Fascia of the Belly / 6 CE units. Register here.

  • Monday 3/9 - Massage Therapy Foundation Fundraiser - KY AMTA Post-conference Intensive / 8 CE units / $195 payable to KY AMTA. Love Your Guts Seminars will donate 1/2 of the proceeds from this event to the Massage Therapy Foundation to support manual therapy research. Register here.

  • Monday 3/16 - Fundamentals of Digestion 4-part teleseminar series begins with the Mechanics of Digestion from Mouth to Anus. This lecture is my tour guide of the digestive system, and will cover the normal physiology of digestion with a manual therapy bend. Type in questions live and have them answered during the lecture. Download and listen later via MP3. Register here.

  • Monday 3/23 - Fundamentals of Digestion 4-part teleseminar series continues with the Biochemistry of Protein Digestion. This lecture is an interview style event with Marty Ryan, LMP and Heidi Nebel, CN. This lecture will feature how to source good proteins, how we digest protein, and how this macronutrient serves us. Type in questions live and have them answered during the lecture. Download and listen later via MP3. Register here.

  • Monday 3/30 - Fundamentals of Digestion 4-part teleseminar series continues with the Biochemistry of Fat Digestion. This is one of my favorite topics. Heidi and I will talk about sourcing good fats, what is an essential fatty acid, how the body uses fat, and why eating fat does not make you fat. Type in questions live and have them answered during the lecture. Download and listen later via MP3. Register here.

  • Friday 4/03 - Sunday 4/05 - LYG Digestion weekend with Marty Ryan, LMP in Seattle, WA. There are still spots available for Friday only (4/03), or the full 3-day training (4/03-05). Register here.

  • Saturday 4/04 - Sunday 4/05 - Intro to Belly Massage with Chris Hughes, LMT in Lost Creek, WV. This is a 2-day introduction to manual therapy for the belly. Learn a 10-step protocol for integrating belly work into a full body massage session. Register here.

  • Monday 4/16 - Fundamentals of Digestion 4-part teleseminar series continues with the Biochemistry of Carbohydrate Digestion. Sugar is one of the body's main energy sources. North Americans eat on average more than 150# of processed sugar per year, and are among the most obese people on the planet. Is there a connection? Find out here. This lecture will detail sugar digestion, fat storage, and energy management. We will also differentiate type 1 and 2 diabetes. Type in questions live and have them answered during the lecture. Download and listen later via MP3. Register here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fascinating news ...

Diabetes and disability designation by the ADA

Type 2 Diabetes now given disability status by federal appeals court in SF, CA. This is a fabulously important case for the almost 24 million diabetics in the US (90% of these are type 2), and may serve as a precedent for years to come.

Read more here in the Seattle Times from Saturday 2/14/09.

Teaching opportunity -
  • Type 1 Diabetes is a functional pancreas problem where the beta cells of the pancreas do not produce sufficient amounts of insulin to process sugar. Type 2 Diabetes is an insulin resistance disease, and is generally seen as a disease related to obesity.
  • 2/3 of the pancreas is retroperitoneal and is located posterior to the stomach in the upper belly. The head of the pancreas sits in the curve of the duodenum and the exocrine portion of the organ secretes digestive enzymes and bicarbonate through the pancreatic duct past the sphincter of Oddi and into the duodenum.
  • 95% of the output of the pancreas is digestive, and only 5% is related to insulin production.


Fundamentals of Digestion 4-part teleseminar series
begins 3/16 @ 1:00PM PST

Register here for the live broadcast beginning Monday March 16, 2009. The live seminar is FREE for all to listen, but you must register to gain access to the call / webcast info.

If you want to download the MP3 file of this recording for future use, please click here. $20 to purchase the download.

LYG students may use a coupon code coming via email to download for free. The free download coupon code is good until March 9 for the entire series.

Monday 3/16 - Mechanics of Digestion from mouth to anus // with Marty Ryan, LMP

Monday 3/23 - Biochemistry Protein Digestion // with Marty Ryan, LMP and Heidi Nebel, CN

Monday 3/30 - Biochemistry Fat Digestion with // with Marty Ryan, LMP and Heidi Nebel, CN

Monday 4/13 - Biochemistry Carbohydrate Digestion // with Marty Ryan, LMP and Heidi Nebel, CN

Enjoy! We are really looking forward to this one.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chris Hughes - new Love Your Guts Seminars instructor

Chris Hughes, LMT

Chris lives and practices in Louisville, KY. He has taught at the Louisville School of Massage for over 10 years, and co-owns Balance in Motion Integrated Bodywork with his wife Sherri Lowe Hughes.

Chris is the epitome of the early adopter that I often speak about. See The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell for more info on this idea. Chris took classes with me when I was teaching under the title Integrative Abdominal Techniques 8 years ago. He traveled to Seattle to continue his training with me under the course name Fundamentals of Belly Massage. He has been my TA and program sponsor in Louisville, KY since 2003.

Chris has expanded his belly repertoire by finishing his certification in Mayan Abdominal Massage, and diligently researches the male pelvis and reproductive system so he can bring more information to his students and clients. His own company Belly Works sponsors continuing education coursework in the KY / mid-south region, teaches manual therapy applications to the male pelvis, and teaches fundamentals of abdominal anatomy to students and professionals.

Chris it is a pleasure to work with you. He has all of my trust. Chris, thank you for leading the way so that others may see how to move into the teaching track.


FFE in Seattle

The first Love Your Guts Seminars 3-day live training of 2009 finished beautifully last weekend.

The Q&A teleseminar is scheduled for Monday 2/16 @ 11:00AM. Please register here.

Any student who has taken the Fascial Architecture / Applications to Fascia, Fluid, and Energy course may participate.



4 LYG students finished the series of 3 weekend trainings - Barbara Helynn Heard, Kaysie Noll, Hyla Dickinson, and Scott Buck.

Congratulations to all of you. It has been a pleasure working with you. Of course you are welcome to continue as repeaters of any of the 3 weekend trainings, all teleseminars, Q&A sessions, and the Certification course in 2010.


Certification moved to 2010

The LYG Certification class has been re-scheduled for June 27-30, 2010. This re-schedule will give more people a chance to finish their case studies and create space in their lives and bank accounts for this training. Thanks to the 4 students who said YES to 2009.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Portland, OR weekend

What Lies Beneath the Navel?

On Friday 1/30, Marty presented a public talk at Bikram Yoga - John's Landing in Portland, OR. For 2 hours, over 40 people ate tasty, vegan, live food while listening to Marty speak and answer questions about their guts. This was a lot of fun! Yoga and gyrotonics students, health care practitioners, and other interested people packed the yoga hall.

Many thanks to Christy Whitney and Terri Poch for facilitating such a great event. They are excellent models for connection and attracting folks to them. If you are ever in Portland, please drop by the studio for a class or pick up some excellent live, vegan fare.

See a photo of this event!


Oregon AMTA Annual Meeting

On Saturday and Sunday 1/31 - 2/01, Marty presented on the fascial architecture of the belly, and manual applications to dysmenorrhea and pelvic organ prolapse. This was the first Love Your Guts Seminars event at a state AMTA convention.

See a photo of this event!

We will be doing this again in March 2009 in Lexington, KY, and in July 2009 in Muncie, IN. These convention events are inexpensive and excellent ways to introduce yourself to this work, as well as begin the process of palpatory fluency in the belly.


Teleseminar News

The first LYG teleseminar introducing the Fascia, Fluid, and Energy live training weekend went off beautifully last Monday 1/26. Since then, several folks have come forward to say yes to participating in future teleseminar events.

If there are other topic areas you wish to learn more about, please contact me.

Tentative schedule -
  • Fundamentals of Digestion - a 4-part series with Marty Ryan, LMP and Heidi Nebel, CN. Marty will do the first lecture on the mechanics of digestion. In the remaining 3 lectures, Marty will interview Heidi about how the body digests proteins, fats, and carbs. March 16, 23, 30, and April 13. Register here.
  • Fundamentals of Detoxification - with Kristi Zimmer, CCHT, LMP. Schedule TBA.
  • Core and Floor Series - (at least) 3-part series will explore the core and pelvic floor. Guests already committed are Cathy Madden, MA - Alexander Technique, Karen Calara, PT, and Laura Yon-Brooks, MS - yoga. Schedule TBA.
  • Experts Forum - these are health care providers in ancillary fields related to belly care. Interviews will be conducted by Marty and focus on some aspect of patient care. Schedule TBA.
Guests already committed to the Experts Forum project -
  • Raymond Orthober, MD - when to refer to an MD?
  • Friedemann Schaub, MD PhD - hypnotherapy
  • Paula Pelletier-Butler, LMP - women's health care
  • Annie Morien, PhD PA - stretch marks, scar tissue, dermatology
  • Teresa Dietze, LMP - when to use supplements?
  • Laura Yon-Brooks, MS - yoga


Other News

1. Marty is putting together two 1-day cadaver anatomy slide show presentations for students. These should unveil in the fall 2009. Gil Hedley, PhD has given his blessing to using his cadaver anatomy still images from his Somanautics Workshops. This will be a fabulous way to augment your study of the guts!

2. Marty will present a FREE lecture What Lies Beneath the Navel? in Bellingham, WA on Monday 2/16 @ the Fairhaven Center for Structural Medicine. Please RSVP with Kate Chase Ryan @ Advanced Educators.

Click here for directions.

Click here to register. Space is limited.

In gratitude,